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6 Reasons To Have Your Christmas Party At Coppers

That’s right, you can have your Christmas party right here with us at Coppers! Here’s why you should.

1. You can still have your own private room

When you think of Coppers, you probably just imagine one big dancefloor filled with people givin’ it socks to some cheesy tune you haven’t heard in years. What you may not know, however, is that there is much more to Coppers than that. With three floors and seven bars, there are plenty of private spaces for your party. Our Premium Level and Residents Bar are the perfect setting for you to enjoy the night, kept exclusively for your group.

The Premium Level

2. Not into the 3 course sit down?

Too often, a three-course sit-down can take hours, when sometimes you just want to get fed and start your night! If you’d rather avoid the awkward conversions and skip to the good bit, we’re your one-stop-shop. At Coppers, our team of experienced chefs are fully vaccinated and are well versed with COVID-19 safety protocols. So what are you waiting for? Our large festive platters are stacked and packed with plenty of variety, so you’ll still get a full belly for the night ahead.

3. The Budget

If you’ve ever had to organize the office Christmas party, you’ll know all too well about the costs involved! With no room hire fee, or the cost of a pricey three course dinner, Coppers is perfect for smaller businesses that simply may not have the budget for a five star hotel. Here you’ll get bang for your buck! Organising a Christmas party amidst the pandemic can be daunting as safety becomes as much of a priority as cost. At Coppers, our priority is the safety of our guests. We provide a safe atmosphere wherein all our staff are fully briefed on protocol and ready to provide your team with a memorable festive holiday.

4. The Location

We are located in the heart of the city centre, and with a luas stop and several bus routes stopping just outside, it is handy for everyone to get here. You’ll never be stuck for a taxi at the end of the night either!

The Green Line Luas stops on Harcourt Street

5. The Hotel

For those you don’t live in Dublin, our hotel with thirty three rooms is right above. So whenever you’re all danced out, all you have to do is tip up the stairs and fall into one of our comfy beds. For those who live in the likes of Meath or Kildare, for the price of a taxi home, you might as well get have a sleepover and get a bus in the morning! At Coppers, we comply with all guidelines set by the government. We offer rooms that are well maintained and sanitised. So whenever you’re all danced out, all you have to do is tip up the stairs and fall into one of our comfy beds.

6. You’re probably going to end up here anyway!

Avoid the group getting split up en route to your after party venue. You can’t lose the group if they’re already here.


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