Copper Face Jacks Song Ballad

‘The Ballad of Copper Face Jacks’

The Coppers Song, by Michael Konstantin.

This tallented Irish lad has penned a ballad in honour of his favourite place in Dublin – Copper Face Jacks

Copper Face Jacks Song Ballad

A tune about a little place close to my heart.

Singing by his Christmas tree with a guitar, Michael Konstantin sings a heartfelt song about the “magical place” known as Coppers.

The catchy tune is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and could easily become an anthem of Harcourt Street.

The charm of Coppers, according to Michael’s song, is that “it’s the only place that country folk and Dubs get along, cos there all so feckin hammered happy out and singing along.”

[learn_more caption=”Click for Lyrics”] Lyrics:
I know of a magical place, down on Harcourt street

Well it’s not far from Diceys, a short walk from Flannerys

Well it’s the only place I know hopping seven nights a week

In Copper Face Jacks, you’ll be having the craic and that’s where you’ll find me

Heading in to Dublin City, or town as others say

Whether it’s a college night or after the GAA

Well there’s only one place you’ll end up after you’re well on your way

Where there’s plenty of women, and men for the taking,some chancers looking for prey

And every make of person, comes stumbling through the door

You’ll find teachers nurses farmers jersey pullers by the score

It’s the only place that country folk and dubs get along

Cos there all so feckin hammered happy out and singing along

After the all-Ireland finals, the semis and quarters too

The place is bound to be packed, with GAA stars mind you

You’ll have Aidan O’Shea dancing away, Michael Murphy looking like a giant

And Richie Hogan, and Bernard Brogan skulling a couple of pints

There’s representation, from every corner of the land

From Nenagh Knock and Skibbereen, Timahoe to Cahirlistrane

Well it’s also quite multicultural, the foreigners love it too

From Germans to Nigerians,lads from China to Timbuktu

Then round about 4 o clock, the best songs start to play

With Westlife Boyzone Backstreet Boys, the tunes from back in the day

And to The Hills of Donegal soon we’ll be dancing away

And the Joyce Country Céilí Band will send us into disarray

Chorus As Coppers comes to a close some cue up for their coats

Some try to sneak another drink, some wander and some smoke

And if you think your night is over, well I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong

Cos the craics only beginning, there’s so much to come along

Harcourt Street fill up as night begins to turn to day

You’ll find stragglers drifting, strangers shifting down the alleyway

And at this stage some women will get a little more desperate too

So if you’re looking for a woman, and you’re not after pulling

Well this is the place for you And round about now, hunger starts playing on the mind

But there’s no need to worry, food will be easy to find it

Cos the choice of cuisine is only the best from McDonalds to Babylon

You’ll get pizzas burgers and a bag of chips and maybe a sing along

And if you’re lucky enough you won’t be heading home alone

But if you are don’t worry you’ve made some great memories of your own

Unless when you wake up you can’t remember a feckin thing

But sure look, who gives a f**k, soon you’ll be back again [/learn_more]

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