Coppers Covid

Coppers Is As Covid Compliant As They Come

Coppers Is As Covid Compliant As They Come

Ho, ho, ho !! Christmas is fast approaching. We at Copper Face Jacks are delighted to welcome you to Ireland’s best nightclub. 2021 has been a year of uncertainty, filled with virtual meetings and all that jazz, and let’s face it – not quite enough dancing. However, let’s close the year on a high.

Your safety and well-being is our utmost priority. Thus, we have added and improved upon a few things to make sure that you receive the best experience while staying safe

COVID-19 safety tips and protocols

  • All our employees are well versed with COVID-19 safety protocols and will wear masks to ensure the safety of both parties. 
  • In accordance with the government guidelines, we request all our customers to present their vaccination certificate along with a matching valid ID. 
  • We keep regular track of our employees’ wellness. 
  • It is always recommended to stay close to your friend’s circle when inside. 
  • We have installed a new purpose built ventilation air conditioning system complying fully with all current WHO and Department of Health COVID recommendations.
  • At Copper Face Jacks, we want to set the standard high for cleanliness, and as a result, thorough cleaning and sanitising will be performed. 
  • All our events are hosted using the Eventbrite booking system. This enables us to control the number of people in the venue and allows us to carry out efficient and accurate contract tracing if necessary. 
  • We strive to always stay up to date and informed regarding new changes, strategies, and practices to further safeguard our employees and customers. 

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