Four simple reasons why students love Coppers

It’s the return of the Jack! After a summer detox, Jack The Lad is back and so are the students. September is by and far the best month of the Coppers calendar. The constant buzz of the All Ireland Finals spills over into Freshers Week.

Spare a thought for all the young, innocent freshers who have yet to experience Coppers in all it’s famous glory. Here’s a little help..

1.The Music

No matter where you go, you simply won’t find a playlist quite like the one you get in Coppers. It’s not just a ‘thrown together’ playlist to get the job done. Oh no, it’s a strategically thought out blend of throwbacks and what’s s#*t hot right now. For example you could be bopping away to a bit of Dua Lipa and next thing you’re brought right back to your childhood with a bit of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That’s what you can expect.

As the night goes on, you can only expect this to hit you right in the feels even more. Is it even a guilty pleasure to break out the Irish jig and reel to B’witched if the rest of the dancefloor is doing it too? Your in good company here. That brings us nicely towards the second reason.

2. The People

As you might of heard in The Two Johnnies song about Coppers, Nurses, Students, Teachers, Guards. Even jersey pullers. You’ll find them all in Coppers. No matter what night of the week. Tut Tut, teachers on a school night? In a way, you could say that Coppers is for everyone. On any given night you can expect to bump into;

  • Your neighbour Sarah who used to mind you when you were younger
  • Your crush
  • That guy you shifted at a teeny boppers disco
  • At least one minor celeb
  • Yer man that scored that goal in an All Ireland Minor final six years ago

Every night is like a lottery. You just never know who’ll bump into.

3. The Craic

Ceol agus Craic. That’s one of the more famous Irish sayings that you remember from your Irish tape test. Sometimes after you go out in the local at home of a Saturday night, you wake up with an awful dose of the fear the next morning. What was I doing last night? Jack reckons them days are gone for you.

Just remember, however drunk you were last night, chances are you weren’t even noticed. No matter how dodgy your dance moves were, they probably weren’t the worst on show. Coppers just brings the best out in you.

The doors in Coppers are quite small, so if you have a big ego, you’re not going to fit in. Even if your one of those people who’s too cool to dance, the hucklebuck will get you.

4. The Shift

Let’s be honest, isn’t this the real reason students go out? Coppers has been renowned as the place to go if you’re feeling lucky. For the reasons outlined above, getting the shift in Coppers isn’t exactly rocket science.

The way we see it, it’s a bit of a team effort. We provide the romantic setting and the music, you bring the craic and the cheesy chat up lines. Those girls don’t stand a chance, with your charm and your dutch courage, which we also supply.





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