It’s on, like donkey kong!

A young gentleman by the name of Simon Kearney has challenged the mighty Copper Face Jacks to a 365 day Snapchat streak. Our Snapchat account, ran by Coppers resident ‘Jack The Lad’, has officially accepted the challenge. Kearney, who you may remember flew in from France, for one ‘Chooseday’ night in Coppers and then flew back the next day.

Jack thought he may set out the rules, right here, for everyone to see.

1. If both Simon and Copper Face Jacks can reach the 365 day milestone, we shall hand over the Gold Card with open arms.

2. If Jack is the one to lose the streak, we shall concede and hand over the Gold Card with our tail between our legs.

3. Here’s where it gets interesting. If it is indeed Mr. Kearney who loses the streak, then forfeit is this. For an entire night on the door with our security team, you must stand with with a sign attached to yourself. The sign you will proudly display will read, ‘Dear Coppers, I sincerely apologise for wasting your time’, whilst posing for pictures with anyone who requests one.


And while we have you there, give us an add on the ole Snapchat.

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