The Minister for Foreign Affairs, a Cornetto, and Ed Sheeran!

On Friday, news filtered around that Copper Face Jacks would be having a new set of eyes and ears, and you all got quite the scare. Hell, it was even on TV3. Jack The Lad, a resident of the famous nightclub in Harcourt Street, had everyone talking about him before he even opened his mouth.

JTL doesn’t miss a beat. Jack, however, isn’t a bad lad. He will never name and shame on an individual basis, but will keep you informed of some of the goings on in Coppers over the past week.

What a week to begin with. The past seven days will go down in Coppers history. On Tuesday, Jack was polishing up his best shoes and ironing out the creases on his not so neatly folded shirt. Jack had a big day ahead. Someone special was on the way. Our Premium Level was squeaky clean, in anticipation of this arrival.

Premium level set up So, who’s in the house? The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, was in the house! Mr. Flanagan was guest speaking at a corporate event for the Laois Association Dublin. I bet some of you didn’t know that we could be so formal, but hey, we’re not just a Copper Face you know.

Whilst pretending to have the faintest clue about politics, Jack enjoyed mingling with the guests and trading stories of rural Ireland. The country boy inside was beginning to show. Jack struck up quite a friendship with one of elder members of the group who insisted on squeezing a ‘few pound’ into his hand with the instructions to buy himself an ice-cream. Reluctantly agreeing the kind gesture, Jack stayed true to the bond, and enjoyed himself  a Cornetto the next day.

By the end of a brilliant night, Jack was almost a converted Laois man. Almost!

In between was the usual madness of our Wednesday night, Thursday morning began like most others, except Jack had a very important task to take care of. A special delivery. Meanwhile, Dublin was buzzing with the excitement of a certain red haired lyrical genius, who was playing a couple of gigs in the 3 Arena.

Jack collected a white envelope from the Gold Card Embassy and headed swiftly over towards the Today FM studios, where a Mr. Ed Sheeran awaited delivery of the most sought after card in the country. A greater honor than the Freedom of Dublin, as Dermot and Dave so beautifully put it.

  Ed Sheeran Gold Card

What. A. Week. For all of you worried about reading about yourself in a public embarrassment story, luckily for you JTL had an otherwise busy week. It’s only week one of the blog, and he’s even managed to write more than he did in English – Paper Two in the Leaving Cert!

If you have any funny/interesting stories from your night out in Coppers, don’t be shy, Jack would love to hear from you. Get in touch via or via any of our social media accounts.

See ye next week,

Jack The Lad.



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